RaSifiwa Art Co

RaSifiwa is an outlet for creative visions; it was manifested in the mind of an inspiring Tanzanian artist, starting with the dream of a single watch. This grew to an uncontrollable passion to create a one-of-a-kind jewelry timepiece, as well as other creative Jewels from the African Continent, to which the label is dedicated. Launched in 2010, RaSifiwa Art Co. has since then had the opportunity to create jewels for global leaders, including H.E. President Barack Obama and family.

The Creator

The visionary behind Benetton Gems, R.S. Nandha is also the creator of all things RaSifiwa. A proud African who was born and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, he learned the art of Jewelry making in Florida, USA. Upon his return home, Nandha chose to recreate his family business and designed Benetton Gems, which has since then grown to become a leading jeweler in East Africa. In 2010 he launched his brand RaSifiwa Art with the first generation Wrist Art line and has since then produced a limited amount annually. Considered an artist in his own right, at the moment R.S. Nandha releases his creativity through jewelry pieces, although he has also created art in various different forms which are yet to be reveled. RaSifiwa was all a dream that he turned into reality and he does so with visions of what he calls “Out There Class”.